Storage Unit Rates

We have a range of sizes to suit your needs…

    $ per week
incl GST
$ per month
incl GST
1m x 1m storage locker $6.93 $30.00
3m X 1.5m storage unit $27.70 $120.00
2m x 2.5m storage unit $34.62 $130.00
3m x 2m storage unit $32.07 $139.00
3 x  3.5m storage unit $40.38


4m x 3m storage unit $48.43 $210.00
5m x 3m storage unit $54.23 $235.00

6m x 3m

storage unit $60.00 $260.00

6m x 2.4 m

storage unit $57.70 $250.00

6m x 3.5m

storage unit $62.31 $270.00
4.5m x 4.5m storage unit $65.77 $285.00
8m x 3.5m storage unit   $77.30  $335.00
9m x 3m storage unit $80.77 $350.00
7m x 4.5m storage unit $76.16 $330.00
6m x 4m storage unit $72.70 $315.00
8m x 4m storage unit $83.08 $360.00
9m x 4m storage unit $87.70 $380.00
9m x 4.5m storage unit $88.84 $390.00
Outside Parking (per vehicle)   $27.69 $120.00
TRAILER HIRE $35.00 Half day $65.00 Full day $120.00 two day hire

2m x 1.5 m                              storage unit         $22.85                   $99.00

3m x 3 m                                 storage unit        $40.39                  $175.00 

3m x 4.5m                               storage unit         $50.77                  $220.00

4m x 4m                                  storage unit         $55.39                  $240.00

7m x 4m                                  storage unit         $80.77                  $350.00    

Booking Procedure

  • Fill in the form, or call Kathy on 0800 454881 to discuss your requirements.
  • Once a signed agreement and first month's payment has been received, your security keys will be distributed to you.
  • Once you have received keys, you have immediate 24/7 accessibility to your shed/parking space.

Terms & Conditions of Hire

  • Rental of a storage unit is subject to signed agreement
  • Payment is to be a minimum of one month in advance
  • Hirer must organise their own contents insurance
  • Hirers must ensure that no one tailgates you into the premises as they may not have authorised access
  • You must use your access gate fob each time you enter and leave - if you do not, your unit will still be armed, setting off the alarms.
  • Ridgeway Storage reserves the right to notify Taupo Police of all Hirers, to minimise the risk of storing dangerous, stolen or illegal goods or hazardous substances.

         Book Storage Unit

To book a unit or parking space, fill in the form below, or to discuss your requirements call 0800 454881, or 027 283 7145 or email

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