Handy Tips

Remember we only require a month by month tenancy, so that you can reduce your tenancy or increase it by just letting me know on freecall 0800 454881.

We have washdown facilities for you boat at each end of the main rear sheds, also very good washdown facilites next to our storage facility at Stag Park Taupo

There are large storage units up to 40 sq metres, for businesses needing to downsize and use as their depots, with 24/7 access by swipe card. We already have a number of businesses using our facility for holding excess stock.

Larger units are also designed for boats.

A few storage units have power if you would prefer one of these to perhap trickle charge your boat, just let me know and I will place one on hold for you.


Look for the SSAA logo when choosing a Self Storage centre. Members of the Self storage Association of Australasia abide by a Code of Ethics and are committed to operating their Self Storage business to the highest standards.

Ensure that your storage items are all insured by your Insurance Company, notifying them of the change of address of your goods to the Self Storage facility.

Self Storage Association members use the industry standard Storage Agreements which ensure the storer and the business receives suitable legal protection.

This contract outlines the responsibilities of both parties when using Self Storage. Be sure you read this important document thoroughly.


Place a tarp on the concrete floor if you are placing packing boxes directly on the floor

Spray furniture with good polish beforehand, and use corrugated cardboard to protect tables, wardrobes and larger items. .

It is best to cover all your effects (once they are in the unit) with old sheets, blankets or towels especially if you are storing for an extended period of time.

Large heavy items you can stack other goods on, are generally stored at the back of a storage space. Work forward and upwards with lighter, fragile items.

Store goods you'll need to access at the front of the space, or leave a walkway to the rear if necessary.

Using purpose built storage cartons and accessories, which are double ply, gives maximum protection and makes stowing and unpacking easier and safer. Also label boxes for ease of unpacking at your destination. We can order boxes specifically for kitchenware, wine glasses,

Tv's and clothing Robes but allow time for us to pre-order these specialty items.

Our specially designed Self Storage boxes can be used numerous times.

During humid summer and damp winter months we recommend you use a moisture absorber in your unit, especially if you are storing sensitive equipment. Wrap mattresses, bed bases and lounge suites with specifically designed plastic covers, remember mattresses contain moisture, so place a couple of rolls of toilet paper within the mattresses to absorb moisture.

Keep items off the floor for long term storage to improve airflow.

Keep the Fridge door ajar, and cover all electronic items with a dust cover

Feel free to give us a call directly if you have any questions regarding your storage.